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Considering working with me? Sometimes it's nice to hear from others what it's meant to them to work with me. While I've been working with women for over 15 years, I was never keeping comments until recently, so I will continue to add to this page. These are compiled from various styles of coaching I've done. Group coaching, 1:1 coaching, 21 -day weight loss challenges, etc.

Currently, I am only accepting 1:1 clients. To learn more about working with me click here if your focus is health/weight loss or here if you are more interesting in coaching around motherhood (self care, confidence, boundaries, fulfillment, etc...) Yes, more often than not all of these areas overlap for my clients, so choose what where you would like to start!



I am very excited about my results!! So, I started at 166.8 and this mornings weigh in shows I am 158.8!! That is exactly 8 pounds lost! AND I’m still on my period!!! So, it might even be a little more?! My before and after pictures are also REALLY awesome, because I lost the majority of the weight in my “love handles”. I lost a total of 2 inches in my belly, one inch in my butt, 1.5 inches in my waist, and 1.5 inches in each thigh. EXTREMELY happy! I’m going to do another 21 days of this, I’m so close to my ultimate goal weight, only 10 more pounds! 

- Charissa

"Hi Sarah! I am down to 121.7 this morning! That’s nearly 18 pounds lost!!! Woot Woot!!!"
- Melanie

"Bought new workout clothes today because mine were getting too big (not a bad problem to have right?"
- Jenni

"This month has been great for me. I’ve kicked my diet Pepsi habit, which is huge for me. The binging has decreased a lot and I have lost 8 pounds!"



"Sarah, you have been so encouraging and supportive. When I felt like giving up because I had slipped, you celebrated the small successes which kept me going. You truly have a gift for this. Thank you!"


"So I was pretty excited about this! Last week I wore my size 4 “skinny jean” capris and rocked them! Plus no stomach or muffin top! It’s weird that I no longer have to “suck in” in my stomach fat! It’s been a while! Thanks Sarah!"

"After a rough period, I decided to make some changes. I contacted Sarah and she had a lot of good advice for me for starting the journey to better health. I just recently completed the PiYo series and I have to say I couldn’t have done it without her. She really helped me to stay focused and not give up. When I was about a month into it, I wasn’t seeing numbers drop on the scale and felt like giving up! She really encouraged me to stay with it and suggested that I do my measurements. What a shock! That’s where the loss was occurring. I was able to stick with this program and finish for the first time in my life. I know that if she hadn’t encouraged me and offered wisdom she’d gained from her journey, I wouldn’t have been as successful as I was." 
- Angie



"I want to thank you and tell you how kind and motivating you are to me cause I am struggling so bad and I fight in thought about the lifestyle change I want and need for my life and it is so nice to know hope in God and strong, kind women like yourself help those who are struggling and you encourage many like me. Thank you."


"Hi Sarah! I’m so excited, I can’t believe we are only on day 7 of our challenge and I have already lost 5.2 pounds!!! Thank you so much for putting this together, the group is really keeping me motivated and inspired that I can lose this weight!"

"What is fun and the most rewarding is when my kids walk in on me and say mom only 10 more seconds you can do it keep going. The most rewarding thing for me is to see my strength and stamina versus where I was three weeks ago. There’s no way that I could do 10 lunges on each leg and not feel like I was going to be dying tomorrow. Whereas now I know I can push my body and it responds and it doesn’t kill me the next day. I’m excited that I know just how many ounces I should have certain foods and I will make exercise a priority at least five out of the seven days of the week. So I feel increased energy, less guilt, and a lot more confidence. I am with Sarah on the fact working out isn’t just about weight-loss it’s about preventing all of those other crappy feelings we don’t want to go back to. And when I missed one or two workouts I totally could feel how off I was the next day. I notice I have increased muscle mass, energy and am more determined than ever to carve out me time. It’s hard to do as a full-time single mom who works full-time. But I know in the end it’s better for me and for them and I am setting an example to them that you can set goals and try and reach them the best you can!!"



8 (1).png

"I met Sarah in 2011. I had started a few new programs. I had so many questions on diet, exercise, the scale, calories burned etc….and I really needed the support. You see, I started at a weight of 243 and a size 20. At the weight of 243, I was so depressed and stressed. I could not play on the floor with my adopted son as my knees and everything else ached. Sarah kept me motivated to carry on and push through. I am now rocking 143 and a size 4 dress pant! Sarah is so motivational and supportive! Thanks Sarah! Love ya!"
-Trish, mom of 2. Lost 100 pounds. 


"Fabulous! I lost 7 lbs and 12 inches everywhere altogether!"


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“Sarah is an incredible person from the inside out. She is strong physically and in character. She not only encourages others to pursue health and wellness, but she puts it in into action in her own life. Her passion for people is so apparent in her everyday life. I am so blessed to have her as my coach, mentor, and friend.”
-Natalie, mom of 4

"Thanks Sarah for this. I lost another 3 this week so I went from 154 to 148 in these 3 weeks! And I feel so much stronger!!"

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