Features Overview

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Step 1: Tell me about you. (Iniital quesiontaire)

Click the button below to tell me about yourself. Once I have reviewed your application I will send you a link to schedule our call + pay or if I feel I am not the best to help you I will email you. Remember I am not a therapist, if you are ready to move forward and take action and need someone to hold the space and help direct it.

Step 2: Schedule your call + pay. Fill out further questionarire.

Once approved (within 72 hours of application) I will email you a link to schedule our session, pay, and also fill out the time tested questions to help direct our session. There are 10 questions that really help me know how to best help you, and help you get in touch with how to best use our time together.

Step 3: You and me Momma! It’s time to chat!

This is what our 30 days together looks like:

Session 1: Our first 60 minute session is all about taking the information you have provided and helping you get insanely clear on what you want your life to look like, what is and isn’t working, and we create a plan to move forward.

Session 2: Schedule your 30 minute follow up call between 10-14 days after our initial session. Let’s check in, see what is/isn’t working and make sure YOU are feeling supported in implementing what came from session one. What else has come up since you started implementing from our first session? Life is not step 1, 2, 3 when you are a busy momma- so let’s check in again.

Session 3: Schedule our final 30 minute call 28-30 days after our initial session. On this call we will assess the month, and create a plan for moving forward.

All sessions will be via Zoom. You will need pen(s), paper, markers, calendar, planner, or whatever you use when keeping your life in order!

You will leave feeling hope, balance, inspired, renewed, seen + heard, and with tangible action steps based on your goals.