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I am very excited about my results!! So, I started at 166.8 and this mornings weigh in shows I am 158.8!! That is exactly 8 pounds lost! AND I’m still on my period!!! So, it might even be a little more?! My before and after pictures are also REALLY awesome, because I lost the majority of the weight in my “love handles”. I lost a total of 2 inches in my belly, one inch in my butt, 1.5 inches in my waist, and 1.5 inches in each thigh. EXTREMELY happy! I’m going to do another 21 days of this, I’m so close to my ultimate goal weight, only 10 more pounds! 

- Charissa

"Hi Sarah! I am down to 121.7 this morning! That’s nearly 18 pounds lost!!! Woot Woot!!!"
- Melanie

"Bought new workout clothes today because mine were getting too big (not a bad problem to have right?"
- Jenni

"This month has been great for me. I’ve kicked my diet Pepsi habit, which is huge for me. The binging has decreased a lot and I have lost 8 pounds!"



"Sarah, you have been so encouraging and supportive. When I felt like giving up because I had slipped, you celebrated the small successes which kept me going. You truly have a gift for this. Thank you!"

"So I was pretty excited about this! Last week I wore my size 4 “skinny jean” capris and rocked them! Plus no stomach or muffin top! It’s weird that I no longer have to “suck in” in my stomach fat! It’s been a while! Thanks Sarah!"