Do you need a Life Coach?


Hey busy momma!

I see you. Thanks for stopping by.

I know you have tons going on. You don’t have much time.

But do yourself a favor (you deserve it) and take just one minute to pause, and imagine…

What if you had a safe space to actually process through some of the bazillion things on your plate and in your mind and heart? To get back in touch with yourself without losing touch with the the things and people that matter most to you?

An actual allotted time for just YOU. To think. To process. To plan. To talk with a trustworthy woman (who gets it) without being interrupted. To dream (I know what you’re thinking—what’s that?! Exactly!) and have confidence that you are living life in a way you will have no regrets.

To tap into your heart, values, and goals so that you come away with clarity and a plan as to what you want the next 3 months, 6 months, and years down the road of your life to look like.

How you want to be spending your time.

To be clear about what makes you feel happy and know what makes you feel drained (even if every other momma seems to love that thing).

Maybe then you could finally start that business and get to work from home?
Maybe you’d actually know what’s for dinner tonight?
Maybe you’d realize you are saying ‘yes’ to the wrong things, or not saying ‘no’ enough when you really need to.

I don’t know what your thing is, and often as moms we don’t even have time to know what ‘our’ thing is, but I can help you figure it out.

Or maybe, you already have the plan, but can’t figure out why you aren’t executing it, at least not consistently. Maybe you self-sabotage. Maybe you have fears, hangups, or mental blocks. Maybe you need to establish some boundaries that are full of love but honor your self and your needs at the same time.

That’s where I come in—to help you see from the outside what you can’t see and help you move forward, with confidence and clarity.

Are you ready to get a taste of what’s possible? What do you have to lose?

Take the first step! Tell me about yourself…

Name *
Have you worked with a Life Coach before? *
Readiness for coaching: "I understand that if we were to work together I would be expected to show up and be open to the process. I am ready to invest in myself." *

Once I have received your email I will respond within 2 business days and go over any questions you have. From there, if you want to move forward we can schedule a 20 minute consultation over the phone and talk more in depth about your goals and what it would look like to work together.

Still not sure? Ask yourself this…

What does it cost you to NOT take time to figure things out? Or to know what you need?

The hardest is when deep down you know you can’t keep going like this much longer before you burn out. Being ‘crazy mom’ isn’t what you signed up for, but you really have no to way to move forward. Our babies grow up too fast to feel like we’re just missing it.

If your schedule feels out of control, you will either run yourself ragged, get sick, or miss out on the moments with your kids you can never get back. Your time is too precious to let other people dictate it. Learning to have boundaries and say ‘no’ is crucial to balance, a healthy family, and a healthy you.

If it’s that long-lost dream that God has placed in your heart, or that feeling that there has to be something more…what will happen if you never explore that? Regret is a painful and avoidable emotion, and a drain on our precious energy.

Those common realities don’t need to be your story. I can help you live a better one.

There is no right way to be a mom. But I can help you find YOUR right way, your rhythm, through this season.

What works today may not work 3 months from now—that’s why we need to make space to zoom out, see the big picture and process. Each season has its own rhythm, a rhythm that works. So can your life.

Let me help you find it.

Ready now?


A little more about me, so you know who you’re connecting with:

I care because I am a mom and I know the struggle. I’m likely just a few steps further along the journey than you are, and with that comes wisdom and tools I wish I had when I was in your shoes. Our stories will not be the same, but I’m sure they will overlap in places. And at the end of it, I know that you want to be the best mom possible, because you love your kids more than anything in the world. But you also need to love yourself, pay the bills, be healthy, and so much more, and it’s hard to balance all of that without support, guidance, and room to breathe. Not only do we have our own pressures we put on ourselves, but we live in a society that tells moms they ‘should’ be everything, and that can be overwhelming.

The only thing I’m telling you that you ‘should’ do, is figure out what works for YOU!

Not only am I a busy momma of 3 boys, but I have been in full time ministry for 20+ years working with women. 15 of those years were spent in missions, working in over 40 countries and living 5 of those in China (2 boys at the time). In 2014 my husband and I took over pastoring our local church and are still doing that today. I’ve also been trained as a Life/Business Coach and have spent over 8 years as a Weight Loss Accountability Coach, so I bring a unique mix of practical and spiritual advice/wisdom into my coaching, and always leave space for God to speak to us.

After working with me you will have more peace, clarity, and confidence on what you actually want and how you will get it. Often it’s rearranging your schedule and commitments to fit what makes you feel happy. It may be making space for date night, starting that business, quitting your job, deciding to reach that health goal, or going back to school. This is not a cookie cutter program, it’s me helping you based on who you are so you can enjoy your life more.

A happier momma equals a happier family. We all know that right?!

Frequently Asked Questions:

+ How Long Do We Work Together?

I start all new clients out with a 3 or 6 month package depending on what fits your goals better. Within those packages are a few variations based on what you are needing.

I am committed to evaluating what is going to best serve you so I don't have one cookie cutter program for everyone. For instance, my VIP clients looking for accelerated results do also have daily (M-F) access to me via Voxer.

All of this will be covered over and the phone as well.

If you are looking at my Weight Loss Accountability Coaching you can get the Details here.

+ What Happens When We Are Done Working Together?

When we come to the end of each coaching term we can evaluate what makes sense moving forward. If you have acheived everything you wanted to- GREAT! If there are still areas you want to work on or if you now have new goals you want to tackle we can continue working together.

+ What If I Am Not Local?

No worries! All coaching is done over the phone or via Zoom so location is not an issue.

+ How Much Does It Cost?

Price vairies depending on the package that is best for you.

+ How Do I Pay? Is There A Payment Plan?

Upon approval and signed contract you will be able to pay via Paypal or with a credit card. For each program I offer a pay in full price and a monthly payment plan.

+ Why Do We Sign A Contract?

A contract is simply a way to ensure both parties know what to expect, what is being delivered, and what payment is being agreed upon.

This protects you and me.

+ Are You A Therapist?

A life coach is NOT a trained therapist (unless they actually are and state it).

If you are dealing with severe trauma or mental health issues, I am not qualified as a therapist or counselor to provide you with the help that you need. I strongly encourage you to find a therapist in your area you can work with.

+ Will This Work For Me?

Such a legit question! It can be a vulnerable thing to reach out to someone you don't know and invite them into your world. Coaching works for those who show up and do the work, for those who are honest and open to the process.

If you can already list a 1000 reasons why this won't work for you, it probably won't. That belief will most likely be fufilled and neither one of us will benefit from it. So it's probably best you look into something else to help you reach your goals.

Remember, while I am here to help, it's on you to do the work and commit to following through with your goals and action steps. This is also why I do a consultation call with all clients before we work together. It's as much a chance for you to get a feel for me as it is for me to get a feel for you and make sure I think we will be a good fit for each other.