Become Your Own Best Version of a Fully Engaged Mom!

30 Day Find YOUR Way Coaching Program

Hey busy momma! Just imagine…what if you had a hot minute to think about and actually process through some of the bazillion things on your plate and in your mind and heart?

An actual alloted time for just YOU. To think. To process. To talk with another human without being interrupted? To dream. To tap into your own heart and values and come away with clarity and a plan as to what YOU want the next 3-6 months of your life to look like. How YOU want to be spending your time. To be clear about what makes you feel happy and know what makes you feel drained (even if every other momma seems to love that thing).

Maybe then you could finally start that business and get to work from home? Maybe you’d actually know what’s for dinner tonight? Maybe you’d realize you are saying ‘yes’ to the wrong things? I don’t know what your thing is, and often as moms we don’t even have time to know what ‘our’ thing is, but I can help you figure it out.

Whether you are looking for your passion, weight loss, how to work from home, or family scheduling, I can help.

What does it cost you to NOT take time to figure things out? Or know what you need?

The hardest is when deep down you know you can’t keep going like you’re going much longer before you burn out. Being ‘crazy mom’ isn’t what you signed up for but you really have no to way to move forward. Our babies grow up too fast to feel like we’re just missing it.

If it’s weight loss or health your confidence is often affected. Energy to be present to your kids.

If it’s a schedule that is out of control you will either run yourself ragged, get sick, or miss out on the moments with your kids you will never get back bc you let other people dictate your time. Learning to have boundaries and say ‘no’ is a necessary skill.

If it’s that dream that God has in your heart that there has to be something more…what will happen if you never explore that?

Are you looking for a way to bring in a side income while maintaining freedom in your schedule? if you have that goal but no time to figure out how to make it happen how will you ever get there? Should you go back to work, go to school, start a business, join an mlm, become a coach, etc…These decisions need to be processed. And how are your finances affected in the meantime?

IF you don’t stop and make time to focus on these things life will continue to just ‘happen’. These years go by fast with our babies, I want to help you best to make sure we can look back with as few regrets as possible.

But that doesn’t just happen if we don’t pause and give a moment to process how it’s all working together, or not working and see what changes can be made.

As moms we (often) make sure we are taking care of everyone but ourselves. But you know you have so much to offer not only your family but also yourself and your community.

I help you get clear on what you want YOUR life and YOUR time to look like based on YOUR personal and family goals in THIS season.

What works today may not work 3 months from now, that’s why we need to make space to zoom out big picture and process.

There is no right way to be a mom. But I can help you find YOUR right way through this season.

I care because I am a mom and I know the struggle. I’m likely just a few steps further along the journey than you are, and with that comes wisdom and tools I wish I had when I was in your shoes. Our stories will not be the same, but I’m sure they will overlap in many areas. And at the end of it, I know that you want to be the best mom because you love your kids more than anything in the world. But you also need to love yourself, pay the bills, be healthy, and more in the process and it’s a tricky thing to navigate. Not only do we have our own pressures we put on ourselves, but in living in a society that seems to tell moms they ‘should’ be everything can be overwhelming.

The only thing I’m telling you that you ‘should’ do, is figure out what works for YOU!

Not only am I a busy momma of 3 boys, but I have been in full time ministry for 20+ years working with women. 15 of those years were spent in missions, working in over 40 countries and living 5 of those in China (2 boys at the time). In 2014 my husband and I took over pastoring our local church and are still doing that today. I’ve also been trained as a Life/Business Coach and have spent over 8 years as a Weight Loss Accountability Coach, so I bring a unique mix of practical and spiritual advice/wisdom into my coaching, and always leave space for God to speak to us.

After working with me you will have more peace, clarity, and confidence on what you actually want and how you will get it. Often it’s rearranging your schedule and commitments to fit what makes you feel happy. It may be making space for date night, starting that business, quitting your job, deciding to reach that health goal, or going back to school. This is not a cookie cutter program, it’s me helping you based on who you are so you can enjoy your life more.

A happier momma equals a happier family. We all know that right?!

You will have tangible action steps, a renewed understanding of who you are and what you want.

The place to start is with a 2 hour my 30 Day Finding YOUR Way Through Mom Life Coaching. Details are below.

The pla

(I actually think it should be a 90 min session? Maybe for $197 and I can say if we decide to work together for longer that will go towards the price of a 3 month coaching package? )


(if you are already fully into what you want to be doing and need accountability and a coach to help keep you on track or get to the next level…skip to the bottom.)


Step 1: Tell me about you. (Inital quesiontaire)

Click the button below and tell me about yourself! I have a few questions that will help me get to know more about who you are and what you are looking for!


Step 2: Schedule your call + pay. Fill out further questionarire.

Once I get your ‘about me’ information and you’re approved (within 72 hours of application) I will email you a link to schedule our session, pay, and also fill out the time tested questions that will be used to help direct our session. There are 5 questions that really help me know how to best help you, and help you get in touch with how to best use our time together.

I recommend scheduling a babysitter, playdate swap, or ask hubby to watch the kids so you can fully focus on our session together without being interrupted by littles.


Step 3: You and me Momma! It’s time to chat!

This is what our 30 days together looks like:

Session 1: Our first 60 minute session is all about taking the information you have provided and helping you get insanely clear on what you want your life to look like, what is and isn’t working, and we create a plan to move forward.

Session 2: Schedule your 30 minute follow up call between 10-14 days after our initial session. Let’s check in, see what is/isn’t working and make sure YOU are feeling supported in implementing what came from session one. What else has come up since you started implementing from our first session? Life is not step 1, 2, 3 when you are a busy momma- so let’s check in again.

Session 3: Schedule our final 30 minute call 28-30 days after our initial session. On this call we will assess the month, and create a plan for moving forward.

All sessions will be via Zoom. You will need pen(s), paper, markers, calendar, planner, or whatever you use when keeping your life in order!

You will leave feeling hope, balance, inspired, renewed, seen + heard, and with tangible action steps based on your goals.


Looking For More?

If you are looking for a Life/Business Coach to help you more long term than what I offer above, please contact me about openings.

I only work with 5 clients at a time with ongoing/long-term coaching. This is the number that allows me to bring my best to serve each one of them. This is not a cookie cutter program, mass produced, but rather 1:1 deep dive into helping YOU live your life based on YOUR goals for yourself and your family. These commitments range from 3-12 months and start at $1497 and go up based on what we determine is best to help you get what you are looking for. Click the button below to schedule a 20 minute call.

On the call I’d like to know what you are looking for, why you want it, and how you think working with me will help you get there.

From there we will discuss if I feel I am a good fit for you, coaching package options, payments, and how to move forward.

Listen, I love what I do and I’m good at it. I’ve been working with women for over 20 years. I am a busy momma running my coaching practice with 3 kids schedules to manage, while also being a pastor’s wife and dealing with health issues! Let me help you get to the next level of fufillment in your life/business/health, in what it is you are ready to move forward in.