How to Sign Up For A Business Account!

(In the video I said 12 shareables- it’s actually 11 so $120!. Sorry!)

I’m so excited to have you joining our team! This product and company will far exceed your expectations.

So how to sign up!

If you do not have an account (have not ordered product before) you can use this link here. Click join and it will walk you through the steps.

If you already have an Elevacity account you will go here to log into your account. Click log in on the upper right hand corner. When you are logged in you will see the arrows making a circle which are also in this photo and click that to sign up. (See the photo below). If you DO NOT have a customer account already and are signing up under me directly, click here to sign up. If you are signing up under a team member make sure to ask for their direct link! We still all work together no matter where you are in the team!

Next- you will sign up which is $99/year. This covers all your back office and you also get one 6-day DOSE experience pack. You can use this pack for yourself, as a sample for someone, or sell as a sample for $30.

1. Log into your account.  2. Click on My Account.  3. Click on Upgrade To  Eleprenuer (1).PNG

Enrollment Kit Options

Upon sign up you have the option of 2 enrollment kits. These are products at a discounted cost offered only at sign up. You can order these products individually later, but not at a bundled discount. 

As you can see in the photo there is a $250 (retail value $393) and $500 (retail value $677) kit. 


Should you get a kit? 

Obviously this is your choice and there is never any pressure to get one. 

From a business standpoint, I would recommend that you choose a kit for 2 reasons:

  • You’re getting product at a discounted price which helps your wallet.

  • You are getting samples you can share to help jumpstart your business. 

In our team Facebook group I will tag you in the units that will walk you through step by step launching your business. 

Call or message me if you have any questions!


My thoughts on samples real quick!

I rarely, if ever, give out free samples.

I sell the 2 day samples for $10 and the 6 day experience pack for $30. If you figure this into the cost of your kit it helps to pay it back as well. For the $250 kit if you sell 11 @$10 you’ve covered $110 towards your kit and for the $500 kit you can cover $280 of the kit cost if you sell the samples. I always lead assuming someone should try the product for 30 days. This is where they will for sure see how it’s going to benefit them by giving it a full 30 days. I now resort to samples if it’s someone who said they were interested but hasn’t taken action, or if I’m doing a special event to find new customers.

When I launched my business I did try to get samples into as many peoples hands as I could as I knew this would build my customer base quickly. An upline challenged me to get 50 samples to people as fast as I could if I wanted to jump start this business quickly. So I extend that same challenge to you as you launch! (Please note that in my first month I made over $500 and only sold 1 sample to a friend. Then I officially launched my business on my Facebook profile the next month and utilized the samples as we are taught to do in the Facebook group units.)

Trust me- follow the processes taught in the Facebook group by all of the leaders above us and you will have success IF you do the work!

Learn AND do.

Trust that you are here for a reason and for a purpose. Whether your goal is to make $500, $1000, $2500, $5000 or 6 figures there is a way to make it happen. You have an incredible product that actually helps people. More people need to know about it.

Be consistent. Have integrity. And people will order from you and they will join your team.

Okay! You know I can get excited and keep talking. After you sign up I’ll send you more into to help get you started as well as set up our initial call to get clear on what you business goals are.