If it has to do with wanting to live your life well (and keeping your sanity) as a busy mom, as a Life Coach & Weight Loss Accountability Coach I can help.

So let's start here (check all that apply): I'm here because:

  • I want to finally lose the weight and just feel good in my jeans but I know I need accountability. I'm tired of feeling like a failure in this area and want to regain my confidence.

  • I feel like I'm always 5 steps behind where I want to be as a mom, not really having a plan to navigate the craziness of it all. (House, chores, schedules, homework, meals...I just need a minute to think/plan some things out.)

  • I love my kids and I also want/have a successful business/job but I struggle to keep it all balanced or know how to manage it all. I’m feeling so spread thin and don’t even have time to take care of myself right now. I know I can’t keep going this way.

  • I feel (okay, I know) God has more for me. I love my life, and I'm ready to take action on what's been stirring in my heart but I want guidance along the way.

  • I’m just ready to do some work on me and/or I want to learn more about my Enneagram number or Strengths through Strengths Finder.

GOOD NEWS, my fellow momma! There is no wrong answer. If any or all of the above apply, you're in the right place.

Sarah Failla is a Life/Health Coach, Pastor, Mom of 3 boys, and has worked in over 40 countries living 5 years in China. She helps women lose weight and get healthy through her coaching as well as mentors moms on work/life/motherhood/self-care balance. She believes that taking care of ourselves needs to be a priority, only then do we have something to give to those in our family and community. This about having energy, confidence, and a fulfilled life. Helping moms take care of themselves so they can be there for those they love most.

My name is Sarah Failla, I'm a Life and Health Coach and it's my goal to help busy moms navigate the seasons of motherhood with confidence while making sure their own needs are being met.

I have been working with women for over 20 years, and have helped 100's of women lose weight and find a better work/life/motherhood/self-care balance. I have been in full time ministry for 20 years, trained as a Life/Business Coach with Erickson International University, and worked through many work at home business ideas before I finally figured out what worked for ME to do 'mom life' and work from home.

I am a mom of 3 boys and have been married for 15 years.

My coaching model is all about YOU.

I coach moms because I understand what it's like to navigate this beautiful and crazy thing called motherhood while also trying to not lose ourselves in the process. I've struggled with my weight pretty much my whole life, and so I know first hand how frustrating it can be to deal with the mental/emotional battle around weight, not to mention the shame and embarrassment when it feels like you just can't get it together or figure out why your body isn’t responding like you want it to. You can read more of my weight loss journey and what I offer my clients here.

I've done things well and there are things I wish I would've done differently when it came to figuring out how to navigate this whole motherhood thing. At times pushing too hard and not enjoying the season I was in with the kids, and at times forgetting that I need things outside of them to keep myself feeling challenged/fulfilled in a different way.

The number one thing I have learned and want you as a mom to know is that there is no perfect way to live your life and be a mom.

We all have different goals, family needs, values, and more and that's why I help YOU figure out what balance and harmony look like for YOUR life. I want you to live in freedom!!! Free from guilt and all the things we think we 'should' be doing. Imagine living your life in a way that you feel clear and confident in what you say no to, and because of that you are saying yes to what you really want.

I don't want you as a mom living day to day feeling defeated and overwhelmed. Whether that's weight loss, time management, parenting struggles, launching a business (I've spent 7+ years in the MLM industry along with building my coaching practice and now this new blog with 3 boys at home), or just feeling unfulfilled, I want more for you. And I know you do too.

And more isn't always adding to the schedule.

Sometimes it's learning to say no. To prioritize.

But for me it's always about helping you figure out what works best for YOU and YOUR family.

So while I hope to use this blog, Fully Engaged Mom, to help resource you in your own journey, please always remember that these are ideas meant to inspire and get you to think about how it can work for you. If it doesn't work for you- that's OKAY! Take what you can and let the rest go. Remember, I am about you finding YOUR balance as a mom and not living with more guilt about things you 'should' be doing!

My hope is that you will find the topics I write about to be helpful in your own journey. This is also a place for me to distill out what I am processing and learning as a wife, mother, coach, and leader. My current prayer, hope, mantra is that I (we) would learn to live in the grace that is inside of just one day. To be present and see the beauty in the ordinary. To keep our hearts/minds open to see what God is doing and how we are invited to participate in this beautiful thing called life and live it to the fullest. 

Extending hope to you sweet momma, we're all in it together, and you are stronger than you know. 

Sarah Failla

To making the most of this beautiful life we have been given.


Fun Facts About Sarah

Hey! A few other fun facts to get to know me: 

  • I am a mom of 3 boys! They are 5, 9, and 13 and keep me very busy. Their sports and activities keep us all on the go.

  • My husband and I have been married for 16 years! We met and fell in love leading a missions trip to Africa in 2002 (I was in missions work for 15 years). My husband is legit one of the most incredible men I have ever met and is my best friend. The way he sees and understands God is something I feel everyone should get to know, he's an incredible teacher and we love working in our church.

  • A few life challenges that have been part of shaping who I am today? I have end stage kidney disease and will probably need a transplant within the next 12-14 months, my dad died when I was 35, we've miscarried 5 babies, we've been pastoring our church for 5 years now, and we've navigated living overseas for 5 years and the transition back into the USA with 2 kids. All of these events have helped form me into who I am today.

  • I am an Enneagram 6 (Loyal Guardian) married to an Enneagram 7 (Entertaining Optimist) and my top 10 Strengths (Finder) are: Consistency, Harmony, Deliberative, Analytical, Individualism, Arranger (my core), Belief, Discipline, Empathy, Connectedness.

  • I have been to over 40 countries and lived in China for 5 years! I’m excited for a season when travel is more on our radar again as a family! I’m originally from Denver, Colorado and while I love living by the ocean/beach my soul settles when I am in the mountains.

  • I can get busted for watching trash TV. It's bad, I know! But sometimes a momma just needs to zone out and this is one way I do it!

If you are feeling that tug that we are meant to connect and work together please tell me about yourself by clicking the button below. My specialty is weight loss accountability and/or being the coach you need to navigate 'mom life' and your own personal business goals.