The New Fully Engaged Mom Website!!!

The New Fully Engaged Mom Website!!!

Welcome back friends! After a long hiatus here I am launching the website all over again! Here’s the story…

“So the last 3-4 years really, (since my 3rd little man was born), I've been on a self discovery journey. Trying different businesses (thankful for a gracious hubby), going to school to be a Life Coach, we became pastors of our church, I took some college classes to see if I wanted to become a Marriage and Family therapist (nope, not for me- the school part that is), and just learning to live in the tension of wanting to be full time mom but also wanting to do something that was anything but be a mom!”

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My Life: A Night At Chalene Johnsons House


Hey friends! A few years ago the website I had built up for several years was hacked and I lost a lot of content. In 2019 I started over in Squarespace which is what you see here. Not all of my posts made it to the new site and I’m sorry to say that this was one of them.

You can find new content on Life Coaching, Weight Loss Accountability, and WAHM life on the Blog.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


PS- Her house was amazing and it was a great night! This was back when I was a Diamond Beachbody coach! This is a picture at Camp Do More which was different.