What's Going On Beneath The Surface?

sarah failla kidney.jpg

The most common thing I hear when people learn that I need a kidney transplant is this: "But you look so good!????"

And yes, I do. 😜

But what it also speaks to is that we don't ever fully know what is going on with someone.

There are so many invisible things that people carry.

Anxiety, depression, a broken heart, grief, sadness, fear, disease, and on and on it goes.

Everyone has a story. And it's when we connect and learn each other's story that we can find empathy and compassion.

And then we can love better. πŸ’•

Every month when I go to do my labs I wonder if it will mean now is the time to do my transplant? Or maybe my numbers will show that I have a few more months to wait?

That's an emotional weight that people can't see. Just like so many others of you and those around you are carrying.

It doesn't define me. And I don't dwell on. But I do acknowledge that it's there.

Pretending we don't have struggles is just as damaging as allowing them to consume us.

And finding that balance can be tricky. Give yourself and others grace as they figure that out.

One thing that I meditate on is that God's grace is sufficient for today, and tomorrow I will have grace for whatever that holds. I don't need tomorrows grace today, I can trust that it will be there when I need it.

Same for you.

You are stronger than you know.

And God's grace is even stronger and is always available. ❀️