What Your Thoughts And The Kitchen Sink Have In Common

Hey beautiful momma!

Today we’re going to talk about our thoughts!!!

Thought work is one of my favorite topics and ways to coach myself because I can get all kinds of crazy up in my head. It probably is also because I am an Enneagram 6 (thinking dominant and thinking repressed). Either way, you don’t have to be ruled by your thoughts. (I’m also being challenged to embrace silence and solitude but we will keep that for another day!)

Here’s the deal. Watch the video. There is so much to this, and I felt like I could say it better than I could write it, but I will give it a try.

Your thoughts are running your life. And when you don’t take time to process them, you end up confused and overwhelmed like the quote mentioned in the video.

Confusion and overwhelm don’t serve anyone! When we are in that space, we must pause and notice what we are thinking. Then we must write down what we are thinking. I’m pretty strict about this because it’s challenging to deal with your head in your head.

Where does the kitchen sink come into all this?!

Thought work.png

Okay, the day you have dirty dishes, it’s not much of a big deal to leave them in the sink. But what happens if you leave them there for a few days, a week, or imagine a month?!

Gross, right? Stinky, right? It could even be toxic, depending on what type of mold ends up growing.

This is also true for our thoughts. When they add up day after day, week after week, year after year, with no one to sort which ones need to be looked at or thrown away, it can become quite a toxic environment.

So I propose that you learn to notice your thoughts. Pay attention to what you are thinking. Write them down.

Deal with them when they are happing and not a month later, so that you will have more space to create the life you desire intentionally.

That goes back to the sink when everything is piled up and overflowing; you may not know where to start.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Do a thought download. Just take inventory and notice what you are thinking. Don't judge any of the thoughts. Just write all of them down.

  2. Pick one of those thoughts and do a model on it. Ask yourself, how does this thought make me feel? What actions do I make because of these feelings? And what is/are the result/results of those actions?

  3. Once you have identified how that thought in playing out into your life you can then decide if you want to keep it, or if you’d like to change it. If you change it, you can then do another model with the new thought and see how that changes your feelings, actions and results.

  4. If working through those thoughts on your own doesn’t seem to be enough. You can reach out to a Life Coach like myself, a trusted advisor (just make sure you can be honest), or if it’s based on deeper issues that need to be addressed a counselor may be the best gift you can give yourself during this season.

  5. Breathe. Sometimes just pausing can be enough to help us see things clearly. Exercise. Move your body and get your endorphins flowing. Give yourself some love and compassion.

Sending love to you!


The Model is all based on the work of Brooke Castillo at The Life Coach School! Her work is uh-mazing!!!