Turning 40 + A Few Thoughts On Life!


I’m turning 40 today, and I have a new family photo?


I am thankful for so much, and I LOVE this life I get to live.

A while back I was working with a coach, and we did an exercise to help us discover what we are genuinely desiring and wanting to create in our lives.

My results? When I traced through all my goals to envision my life AS IF each of them were already true… I was able to see that I ALREADY have the things my heart desires most. I was able to get clear about what goals outside of that looked like coming from the place of already knowing I had what I wanted most.

It’s a powerful exercise if you dare to try it. Since this was regarding my business it looked something like: what do you want? X amount of money and X amount of women I’m helping. So imagine AS IF you are already doing that. What would that give you that you don’t already have? Answers could be anything- it could be freedom, fulfillment, savings, etc.…Then keep going! So what would having that give you? Time with my family, trips, security, etc.…You can go deeper but what you may come to find is that the things we are going for are often for an emotional reward. When we know those emotions are available today- everything begins to change.

So, I know that is trying to explain a deep concept quickly, but I think you get the start of it!

So for me…what do I already have that my heart longs to see included in my ‘ideal life’?

My boys. My friends. Mountains. Sunsets. Puzzles. Long walks.

It’s pretty simple really. Everything else gets to be a bonus.

Joshua is my conscientious, responsible, ever doing the ‘right’ thing child. Zachary is my bigger than life soul that fills the earth with his presence. He’s sensitive and aware of all the unspoken complexities between relationships. And Nathan, my sweet baby. He’s been the gift my soul needed during the hardest season of my life. He’s, self-assured, and mentally three steps ahead of where you think he may be.

Then there’s my husband, Chris. Sixteen years married and 17 years ago our lives intertwined in the bush of Africa. He’s everything I’m not an opposite in almost every way and skill set, yet shares the same life vision, and we create a complementary and powerful team. He knows the most difficult things about me and still loves me. He reminds me of my truth when I can’t seem to see it.

As I look to the next season of my life, I look forward to continued growth in finding my confidence and voice and continuing to develop my skills as a Life Coach in a way that radically changes my client's lives. More freedom and ability to live and do life in a way that is best for them. Freedom from the lies and beliefs that keep them from having everything they want in this life.

I open myself to better health by making way for my kidney transplant. I open myself up to all that it has and will continue to teach me. To all the people it already has brought into my life that I otherwise would never have met. I’m continually humbled by it as people I never would have expected reach out and say, “I’d like to see if I can donate my kidney to you.”

It’s a gift that can not be repaid.

One final thought- I’m ready for a new adventure and open relationship between me and God (as Father). I’ve had a lifetime of serving in ‘formal ministry,’ but I’m ready for something new. I’m desperate to taste and smell the freedom that will only come to my soul from knowing I am connected and invited into the journey and presence of Him. I don’t need words. I don’t need theology. I just want to be Fathered. In a new way as I enter a new season.

If I can be of service to you, please reach out. I LOVE my clients. I carry them in my heart and my prayers.

And my friends and family, I thank you from the depths of my heart and soul for these incredible 40 years. I feel blessed and loved.

You all have helped create this life I love and the person you have before you in me.


Just a few of my bazillion photos!