The New Fully Engaged Mom Website!!!

Hey beautiful momma! After about 2-3 years of not using my site, Fully Engaged Mom, I have moved it over from Wordpress to Squarespace and am ready to start anew! No traffic. But here we are!

Not only am I going to bring you more great content, I am also going to be tracking my journey to use the blog not only to gain and help coaching clients (which I did in the past) but also to see how I can use it to bring in income on it's own through affiliate marketing and such! I will keep it real and transparent, and I hope to encourage you if you are also looking for ways to make more money while working from home!

I also wanted to share with you some of the reasons it's taken me so long to get the site back up and running after it initially being hacked in Wordpress.

When I started the blog years ago I was living in China, and I wanted a way to share thoughts friends and family who wanted to connect. (Stuff a general reader wouldn't be interested in!)

But as time went on and I was a Beachbody Coach (I am no longer actively coaching) it also turned into a great way to encourage women who were also trying to lose weight, and then also to build a team of coaches. When my interest switched from Beachbody Coaching into 1:1 Life Coaching I wasn't sure how to mix the two.

Then I went through a transition that made it tricky because I wanted to have a website that was about more than just losing weight and I wanted to expand my coaching into other niches. While that has been, and still is a part of my journey personally and for the women I coach, I wanted to add more. And I had questions of my own when things weren't working for me. Like, why couldn't I lose the last 15 pounds after my 3rd child? How could I help others when I was struggling? All of this stuff we go through as a coach.

Then there was the title. Fully Engaged Mom. I mean what even was that? Who is that? Am I that? Am I promoting something I believe in? You are beginning to see that I can really overthink things right?!

So the last 3-4 years really, (since my 3rd little man was born), I've been on a self discovery journey. Trying different businesses (thankful for a gracious hubby), going to school to be a Life Coach, we became pastors of our church, I took some college classes to see if I wanted to become a Marriage and Family therapist (nope, not for me- the school part that is), and just learning to live in the tension of wanting to be full time mom but also wanting to do something that was anything but be a mom! And not ignore the fact that I need to help out financially for our family.

(In the last 4 years I also lost my dad unexpectedly and was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease. I've learned a lot through both of these situations that will come out more in future posts. But an immediate thought was I learned it was okay to just learn to be okay. In our culture we can so glorify the 'power through' stories of victory. But in my case, I think letting go and learning to live a bit slower through that season was just as 'glorious'. In 2014 I had a baby in Feb, got diagnosed with kidney disease in April, lost my dad in May, went to China for a month 3 days after the funeral and then we stepped into pastoring our church in July. By September I was asking for recommendations for a counselor because though I had never had a full on break down- I felt it was coming if I didn’t get some help.)

So! Here I am. And I am excited to keep the journey transparent and real. I will share my journey in becoming a Fully Engaged Mom and what that means to me, knowing that in each season it will change. And I hope to broaden my coaching to helping 100's of mothers also define that for themselves as well.

To help moms create a side business working from home that allows them to share with the world who they are, while also maintaining freedom of their schedules to be the mom they want to be.

I will also update you on how I monetize the blog affiliate wise and keep you posted on how all that is going, though I know that also will be slower than some stories you read online. Why? Because it’s okay to go at a pace that fits this season of my life, just like I coach my clients to do. Make your business fit YOUR life. Next year when my youngest is in kindergarten those goals can adjust.

The goal I want to get to first, is to have this making $1500 a month in affiliate income (outside of my coaching income). Why that number? That's our monthly grocery/dining out budget!

In the past I'd set goals so high, there was always an excuse if I didn't reach them. Even with Beachbody I couldn't appreciate when I was making $1500-$1800 a month because I kept comparing myself to those who were making that amount each week or each day.

So now I start small, one goal at a time. I'm starting with groceries and will build from there!

What about you. What has reading my story sparked in you about your own journey? I'd love to know...