The Gift of Turning 40...


I turned 40 in April. And I embrace and fully love it. With every fiber in my being. 

While to some 40 may bring about questions and stress, I decided that for me, 40 was going to be a mark of change in my life for the positive. (After all, thoughts are just thoughts so why not choose the ones that serve me😜!)

Some of those changes I celebrate? 

Caring less what others think. I've been working on that one since childhood. I'm starting to ask, 'What does Sarah think/want'?

I'm more intentional with my time. Really, I believe that time is one of our most valuable yet under cherished resources. We get today once. And while that may mean maxing out some days for productivity- it also means puzzles, walks, and dates with friends. 

I prioritize my self-care and growth and am working on not slipping into the 'mom martyr' cycle that can happen without thinking when everyone else's needs seem so urgent. Put your own oxygen mask on first, right?! 

I declared war on screens. While it may not sound like it should be a big deal it most certainly was when I decided my boys would have no screens M-Th. It's resulted in a bazillion games of Uno, in prompt to walks to the farmers market, more table talks, Zac learning to cook and reading like never before and on and on. Bam! I fully own the gift I created by implementing and sticking to that boundary. 

I celebrate my beauty. I've always said I think women get more beautiful with age. I think it's in part because they become more settled in who they are. I tell this body nice things. I buy good skincare. I exercise to be strong AND embrace the cellulite. I consciously choose to be vulnerable and share the beauty of my words/thoughts through this page. 

On and on I go. And why do I share this with you? Because at any age you can transform your life. It doesn't have to be 40. My life was pretty amazing before 40, it doesn't have to be bad to get better. 

So if you are looking for a shift, I offer to you that it's available. Make a decision. Own it. And don't apologize for it.  🦋