So You Can't Lose Weight? And You've Tried Everything...

So you can’t lose weight?

And you’ve tried everything?

If you believe that losing weight is just not possible for you, I’d like to propose that you may be wrong. And in the same breath, if you believe that losing weight is impossible for you, you are probably right, and that is perhaps reflected in your current reality.

Have you ever found yourself saying, “I’ve tried everything and nothing works!”

What about, “It’s too much work, I have no time, or it feels like a full-time job to figure this out”?

These thoughts are just a few that lead us to the belief, “I can’t lose weight’.

So how are your beliefs working for you? I know when the idea that I couldn't lose weight was in my head it gave me some comfort that ‘at least it wasn’t my fault’ I wasn’t losing the baby weight. I mean, I’ve tried everything, and my body just can’t lose the weight. Truth is, it was my fault. I hadn’t tried everything, nor had I even tried the things I was doing for longer than 6-8 weeks at best and then deciding they didn’t work or getting sidetracked by the new ‘best way’ to lose weight.

Those beliefs made me feel discouraged, and if nothing was going to work, I figured why even try so hard.

I want to clarify, this wasn’t about me attaining an unrealistic body shape. It was about why can’t I get this under control?! In our culture, there has been a much-needed shift in body positivity for women. I’m not talking about wanting to look good in order to love myself, for me I’m addressing that I knew my weight was a reflection of something else I needed to work on in my life. That the foods I was bingeing on were not loving or fueling my body. That the emotions and stress I wasn’t dealing with correctly were not going to resolve themselves in the way I wanted them to be by ignoring them or feeding them ice cream.

Please hear that this is what I am talking about when I coach my clients through weight loss accountability. We deserve the freedom to choose whether we lose weight because we know it’s a sign of things we aren’t addressing in our lives, or because you want to feel hot/confident/sexy/stronger. Body positivity is about you being honest about what you desire for yourself and then making the choices to live that out.

Okay, back from that tangent. :-)

It was just frustrating, and I wanted this losing weight thing to be over so I could spend my energy on the other things in life I care more about!

So let me ask you this? If other people have lost weight, is it true that you are the only person who can’t? (And if you have a medical condition I am not talking to you right now…) Is it true that you have tried everything and given it 100% effort (for more than a few weeks)?

I'm guessing that for most of us the answer is no. When I was honest, I knew I hadn't fully tried everything. And it's the same story I have seen over and over with the women I coach.

Listen, almost everything in our life can be traced back to a thought or belief. Thoughts/beliefs produce feelings which we then take action upon which then creates the reality of our lives.

So if you are telling yourself you can’t lose weight, you won’t. If you believe that your life will be miserable if you have to budget your calories, you will be miserable and sabotage your efforts because who really wants a miserable life? You don’t! If you think all exercise is boring or you hate working out, it’s what you will experience.

If you haven’t lost the weight, you either haven’t found what works for your body yet, or you haven’t stuck to anything long enough to actually get the results you want. (You also may have unrealistic expectations as to how fast or what your body should look like when it’s healthy).

So today, would you be willing to start to challenge some of your own thoughts/beliefs about your ability to lose weight?

How? Start listening to how you speak to yourself. Observe and listen to your own thoughts rather than just let them run your life on auto-pilot in the background. Identify what you are thinking so you can then decide if you want to believe something else. Create habits. Get accountability. Do the work because you deserve it. Know that change is hard, but what you learn in doing this will carry over into so many other areas of your life as well. Learning to control your thoughts will change your life because you will change your feelings which will change your actions.

I don’t presume to know your specifics, but I do speak from my own journey and the journey I’ve walked my clients through. Whether it’s 5 pounds or 100, it starts with our thoughts.

How we think about food, exercise, emotions, and our own self-worth.

I in no way mean for this to sound simple. It’s freaking hard! Right?! If it were so easy to lose weight, you would have done it by now. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! We just need the right tools!

Find some courage to ‘go there’ today.

And on the other side of that ‘going there,’ should you choose to finally say ‘enough is enough’ and do something about it, there is freedom.

If freedom is what you are looking for and if you are ready for a change and need some guidance along the way check out my 6-Week Weight Loss Accountability Coaching program.

Sarah :-)