She Donated A Kidney- For The Love Of A Little Boy

kidney disease donor voucher.jpg

This last Wednesday a woman I’ve only known for about 13 months donated a kidney on my behalf to someone she doesn’t know. 🌟 ⁣

She wanted to donate to me and was not a match, but she kept going. ⁣

This photo is the bottom of an email she sent and it made me cry. I mean the whole thing is a little much to fully process but this line brought me to tears, “and mostly for Nathan”. ⁣

You see, we met in a co-op preschool together and she fell in love with my sweet Nathan boy last year. Everyone does. I’m not exaggerating. ⁣

This is the same boy who was 6 weeks old when my nephrologist told me he was shocked I was even able to get pregnant with him in the first place when we realized how bad my kidneys were. (We didn’t know before he was born that my kidneys were bad.) And in that moment I cried because I already knew he was a miracle because we’ve had 5 miscarriages, and then to realize he was even more of a miracle based on my kidneys was just crazy. ⁣

And then that brings me full circle to today- “and mostly for Nathan”. This little love of mine has been a gift beyond gifts through a crazy life season of mine. 💕⁣

His name, Nathan Christopher, actually means ‘gift of God, Christ-bearer’. 😭⁣

And with this I also tell you that I have a donor. His name is Chris, and it’s not ‘my’ Chris. He’s a husband and father and later this week I will tell you about him and everything I know up to now about my transplant. ⁣

Today I want to celebrate and honor this selfless gift from basically a stranger to me, to a stranger to her, for the love of a little boy. 💚💚💚💚💚

kidney donor voucher.jpg