Sarah Failla- Your Weight Loss Accountability Coach

Why would you need a Weight Loss Accountability Coach?

So here’s the deal- I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life. Even today, as a coach, I still have to consciously make wise choices and it’s not just something that comes naturally to me.

So I KNOW that for most of us it’s not that we don’t know what we SHOULD do, it’s that we just can’t seem to do it.

Sound familiar? I mean really, if I were to ask you right now what were 3 things you could do to improve your health (and weight if that’s included) what would you say? You could probably list 5 or 10 things right off the top of your head.

So this is why after years of running challenge groups as a Diamond Beachbody Coach I decided to get trained on how to be a Life Coach- and I used those skills to hone in on Weight Loss Accountability.

I loved running my groups, but what I really wanted to do was go deeper with fewer women and see the transformation that could only happen when we spent more time on mindset and beliefs specific to the individual person.

With the mindset and belief work, they also needed ACCOUNTABILITY! My Weight Loss Accountability clients literally check in with me everyday. Yup. The good and the not so fun stuff too.

But that is why we get results.

Because we are in it through the ups and downs. The plateaus, the sick days, the Holiday season.

I am the voice of reason when they want to give up.

I am the voice of truth as to how incredible they are and how far they have come when all they can see is how far they still have to go.

In this Insta Culture where we want everything yesterday, it’s a rare gift to get to walk people through the seasons it takes to make dramatic changes.

Through Accountability we see the mind shift.

Confidence restored.

And more often than not those changes that happen on the outside are a reflection of the ones on the inside.

Loving yourself doesn’t just happen when you lose the weight. It has to start now and that’s part of our work together.

I’m super pumped for my client Anne who lost 48 pounds as we worked together in 2018.

A working, single momma choosing to stay accountable through the highs and lows of the year.

Choosing to not give up when the scale didn’t go her way.

Learning to reframe what it takes to lose the weight and that it doesn’t have to be extreme and about endless restriction.

Anne is 2.2 pounds away from being below 200 and I can’t even tell you how excited I am for all that it reflects.

She’s a new woman in how she treats herself. She has more energy for her 4 year old son. The confidence. Self-assurance. I can hear it in our coaching calls. She’s stronger mentally and emotionally. It’s not because she lost weight, it’s a reflection of what she’s learned through the process of losing the weight.

Ugh…words can’t describe it but man do I love her.

This is what you get when you work with me. It’s weight loss and it’s SOOO much more.

So if you are looking to make a change. If you’re tired of the fight with the scale or food consuming more brain space than you’d like to admit- let’s chat.

To be clear, I am not the best fit if you are struggling with an eating disorder or anorexia. Please see a specialist as they best help you.

I’m also not the best fit if you want me to tell you what to do day by day, meal by meal.

My coaching is best for those who already know what they should be doing, but just can’t see to stick to it.

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