My Favorite Things! Makeup, Skincare, Hair, Books, Essential Oils, and More!

I’m doing something new and fun today! I made a video for you sharing a few of my favorite things!

My Favorite Makeup:

I LOVE itCosmetics foundation. In the video you saw, I got a new one to try, and I would already say that I still love my CC cream foundation from them even better than this new one. I use the CC Illumination because I like the glow, but they also have regular and matte.

Add in their ByeBye Undereye concealer, and your skin will look amazing. If you are looking for a bronzer/blush/highlight I also use this one from itCosmetics. Remember to always check QVC for specials on itCosmetics. You can get discounted kits and brushes several times a year.

A few other favorite make-up products that I didn’t mention? My favorite eye shadows are from Urban Decay. I seem to get the most pigment from them and it lasts all day. They just stopped making the original Naked palette but they do have others that are a great way to get started. Urban Decay also makes my favorite eye liners.

My favorite splurge mascara is DiorShow and the best drug store is Loreal’s Voluminious Carbon Black mascara.

I think make-up is fun and I didn’t even really know how to use it until a friend showed my when I was in my 20’s. It’s something I use everyday and it just helps me feel like ‘me’ and it’s a moment of ‘me time’ in the midst of being a momma!

My Favorite Skincare & Haircare:


I am obsessed with Drunk Elephant skincare. I have every product in their skincare line, and my skin has never looked so good. You can follow them on Instagram to learn about their philosophy and how to mix their products to reveal your best skin.

Every Christmas they have a special offer through Sephora so if you find you like it then grab that when it comes out! I combined that kit which is already discounted with the 20% off coupon you get 2x a year with Sephora and it was a great way to get the products I love at a discount.

Oh the joys of curly hair! One thing I know for sure is that curls are rarely the same and what they need changes in every climate. The mask I mentioned in the video is from Briogeo and it’s their Deep Repair. They have it sold alone or as a kit with a cap (the word I couldn’t find in the video). I also have been using their Super Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. When I lived in a dry climate (I’m from Colorado) Aveda was my only go-to and lifeline for my curls. I love the Be Curly line but after living on the coast my hair just wasn’t getting what it needed for how I wanted it to look. My in-laws live in Idaho and when I’m there I use my Aveda and my hair is amazing and lasts for DAYS looking great. This humidity just changes things up. A new product I have really been liking is IGK Coconut Oil Gel. If you have seen my Zac, he’s my second boy, he has courser curls than the rest of us. I am always using leave-in conditioners in his hair. I’ve tried a bazillion!

My Favorite Books:

Currently I am learning and growing so much through knowing about the Enneagram. (Here’s a post on what the Enneagram is and a video I made about the best Enneagram books.) And to recap quickly what I said in the video, I think the best book to start with is The Road Back To You and if you want a more in depth book I would read The Complete Enneagram: 27 Path’s To Greater Self-Knowledge.

A few other books I didn’t mention that I have loved this year…Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing The Lies About Who You Are So You Can Become Who You Were Meant To Be and Present Over Perfect: Leaving Behind Frantic For A Simpler, More Soulful Way Of Living. One of my friends got me the sequel to Girl Wash Your Face and I can’t wait to read it. It’s called Girl Stop Apologizing: A Shame-Free Plan For Embracing And Achieving Your Goals.

In the video I mentioned that I don’t get through books as well as I do audio book or Podcasts. I seem to rotate through favorite Podcasts as my focus changes or I look to learn new things. A few that have been very influential in my growth are:

  • Over and On With It by Christine Hassler

  • The Life Coach School Podcast by Brooke Castillo

  • Typology by Ian Morgan Cron

  • The Enneagram Journey by Susanne Stabile

I’m sure there are TON’s of other great ones but these are a few of my faithful go-to’s!

My Favorite Essential Oils:

I could talk about Essential Oils for a long time and I even have a website I’ve started but haven’t launched yet that is dedicated only to Essential Oils. Once it’s up, it will have recorded classes and everything you need to know to begin using them yourself! For now, you will have to settle for just knowing about a few of the favorites I mentioned in the video. Like I said in the video I do sell Essential Oils so if you are looking to get a starter kit, please contact me so I can help you get set up.

Oils I currently love and use daily are Lemongrass, Peace, Passion, Clary Calm, and Frankincense.

I could add that the ones I find I repurchased the most often also include: Oregano, Past Tense, Citrus Bliss, and Balance.

The three main ways you use oils are topically, aromatically, and internally. I am in the camp that is not entirely on board with the internal use of oils. (I only take Frankincense and Oregano internally at this point in my essential oil journey. And that is sparingly.) I need more education around it. So I mainly use them on my body and diffused in the air for emotional/mental/health support.

A great kit to get started with is the Emotional Aromatherapy Kit that comes with a diffuser.

My Final Favorite Thing!

If there was one thing I believe would benefit every single woman and mom I come in contact with it’s working with a therapist or coach. It’s life changing and you are worth it. I have both in my life and see the transformation in myself happen exponentially faster as a result. Limiting beliefs exposed. Lies exposed. The roots of self-sabotaging behaviors uncovered.

It’s powerful. Sometimes it’s hard and I want to shut down.

But every time I push through I find a little more freedom on the other side.

Have a great day friends! Thanks for allowing me to pretend I’m some famous beauty expert and share my favorite things! This being 40 thing is fun! I’m not even a week in and I can say I’m so excited for these next 40 years and the work that will come out of me.

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