My 'Baby' Turned 5!


Today we celebrated this little love of mine...

His name means ‘Gift of God’ and I could cry my eyes out listing how many ways he’s been that to me. So I’ll just list the first 3 I meditated on today...⁣

1. Baby #8 this body carried and #3 we got to love this side of eternity. ⁣
2. The 6 week old I nursed as tears slipped from my eyes as I learned my kidneys were failing. ⁣
3. The 3 month old that kept me present to daily life when my dad died. ⁣

His birth marks such an intense season of my life- and yet in the midst of the hardest hard I had this most precious gift. ⁣

He was a teacher that taught and continues to teach me so many things. ⁣

I think that’s the complexity of life. We want it all pretty and neat but it doesn’t always work out that clean. Joy and sorrow can walk together. Fear and hope can share the same day. Death and new life can share the same season. ⁣

And all of it makes up this expression of how we experience life. ⁣

When my man’s message is up from last Sunday you should listen to it. It may be one of my favorites. There was no pretty bow or cliche feel good ending. And in that I felt hope. I felt understanding. Because the truth is Jesus knew suffering. He knew sadness. And he sits with us in ours. ⁣

And sweet Nathan boy you have been a living expression of that presence in my life. ⁣