Happy Mother's Day 2019

Happy Mother’s Day Mommas!

I know it would be naive to think that for everyone today is full of joy, but my prayer for you is that you can see yourself for the beautiful qualities you possess that are a reflection of a beautiful God to those in your life.

Be loved.

I shared this on Instagram and will share with you today-

"Reflecting on something I wrote a few years ago on this day:

Thinking of Mother’s Day I am so thankful for the many women who have been a part of my journey.

We are all so different and there is beauty in that and through that, we are able to find wisdom for each season of life we find ourselves in.

It’s the power of community to find someone you can confide in, be inspired by, laugh with, rest with, be motivated to action by…and often those aren’t just ONE person. It’s all of us allowing ourselves to be known and seen by the women around us.

Comparison is the struggle for so many women, may we become more and more aware of our uniqueness and love ourselves in it.

Freedom is your birthright. Freedom to be the expression of God that is so uniquely your ability to be.

Love to you my strong women.

And mom, forever inspired by your steadfastness and faithfulness of character and friendship. You reflect ‘quiet strength’ like not many I’ve ever known. I love you a million times more as each year passes and I’m able to appreciate you through a different lens of understanding.

To those of you missing your momma on this day, my heart hurts with you. I remember you today.

For those of you who dream of being a momma and that dream is fading as the years and heartaches go by, I see you. I don’t know your pain but I stand with you in it.

And for those who remember babies you never met, I believe they feel and know how your heart longs to know them."

Have a great day my friends,