Enneagram Tests: How Do You Know Your Enneagram Number?


In this post I’m going to talk about two things, where to take an Enneagram test and how to know your Enneagram number. They are not always the same thing!

Enneagram Tests

Before we begin let me remind you that many of the Enneagram guru’s would say they don’t think that the test is the most accurate way to identify your number. The reason being that the Enneagram is WHY you do what you do, not simply what you do. And a test can struggle to get to the ‘why.’ With that being said, I think that tests are fun and they can be a great place to start. Just remember that knowing your number is just the beginning to all the Enneagram has to offer you.

Many tests will rank the numbers for you, take the top 2-4 and start exploring those first.

I highly recommend this test on the Enneagram Institute and it’s $12.

If you are looking for a free Enneagram test you can use this one.

I’d love to know what your results are and what you think about it after you take it! Leave me a comment.

How To Know Your Enneagram Number

If you took the test and you know for sure that the number and description fit you I would then begin to look at resources into learning what that means and how you can grow. Here is a post I did on the best Enneagram books and resources.

It may be undeniable what your number is, and for others, even after taking the test it may not be so clear. That’s okay! It’s a journey of self-discovery, and you will grow through all of it. If you want a few other ways to help know your number when you aren’t sure I’d recommend some of the following steps (not in any particular order):

1. Read the Road Back To You and see what Enneagram numbers stand out to you. Which ones do you know for sure aren't you? Which ones do you relate to?

From there you can also see if there is a connection between the ones you are connecting. For example, 3-6-9 connect which you will learn more about later, so if you find yourself wondering if you are one of these 3 then chances are one of them is your primary number. The other numbers that connect are 1-7-4, 2-8-4, 4-2-1, 5-7-8, 7-1-5, 8-5-2.

2. Look at the core fear/longing for each number. In looking at these, you may right away be able to cross off 2-3 that you know for sure, aren’t you.

The Core Longing/Fear of each are (as written on the Enneagram Institute website):

One’s: Basic Fear: Of being corrupt/evil, defective. Core Longing: To be good, to have integrity, to be balanced.

Two’s: Basic Fear: Of being unwanted, unworthy of being loved. Core Longing: To feel loved.

Three’s: Basic Fear: Of being worthless. Core Longing: To feel valuable and worthwhile.

Four’s: Basic Fear: That they have no identity or personal significance. Core Longing: To find themselves and their significance (to create an identity)

Five’s: Basic Fear: Being useless, helpless, or incapable. Core Longing: To be capable and competent.

Sixes: Basic Fear: Of being without support and guidance. Core Longing: To have security and support.

Seven’s: Basic Fear: Of being deprived and in pain. Core Longing: To be satisfied and content—to have their needs fulfilled.

Eight’s: Basic Fear: Of being harmed or controlled by others. Core Longing: To protect themselves (to be in control of their own life and destiny).

Nine’s: Basic Fear: Of loss and separation. Core Longing: To have inner stability "peace of mind.”

3. If you are new to the Enneagram, you won’t be familiar with the triads or the stances, so this may not be helpful. But if you have been learning about the Enneagram for a while and still aren’t sure which number you are it could help to take a look at the definitions and information around triads (head, heart, gut) and stances (aggressive, dependent, withdrawing).

4. Find a group or mentor. The Enneagram is a powerful experience in community. Look for a group in your area that is learning about it and/or find a coach who can teach you.

If you are looking for a Life Coach please contact me. Working with moms is my passion.

Final thoughts if you are struggling to know your Enneagram Number:

I know it can’t be frustrating if you want to know your number but you aren’t sure which one it is. Remember this, if you are learning about yourself and growing you are winning. It’s all part of the journey. Give it some time, relax and know that in time you will figure it out. Even if you spend a year or two thinking you are a number just to realize that you aren’t, it’s okay! You are still growing!

What number are you?

Sarah :-)

(Enneagram 6 through and through!)