Elevating Your Happy Hormones For Weight Loss & More

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Happy Hormones 101!

Hormones play a huge role in how we experience our day to day life. Below I will go over what are known as the 4 Happy hormones.

While I am no scientist/doctor, here is my best explanation of your happy hormones so that you can be aware of how deficiencies in them affect your life.

The 4 Happy Hormones are: Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins. I will go over quickly what these do, but please do your own research, and you will find MANY other things these hormones help!

  • Dopamine- this is your motivation hormone! Helps you take action and plays a role in your reward system. It’s responsible for many functions including memory, sleep, mood, behavior, and cognition.

    Signs of low dopamine can be depression, inability to handle stress, fatigue, mood swings, inability to concentrate, ADHD, and so many other mood-related symptoms.

  • Oxytocin- The ‘feel good’ hormone. What I find interesting is that it influences the digestive system as much as it does the brain! It plays a role in weight loss as well! Elevated levels of Oxytocin have been known to lower cortisol and blood pressure. It enhances a sense of self-worth, trust, and positivity.

  • Serotonin- this flows in your body when you feel significant or important. Low serotonin can result in anxiety and depression. When this is regulated, it’s also an appetitive suppressant- as your body is not looking to sugar and other things to satisfy cravings. When you boost serotonin, you often see the lessening of obsessive behaviors.

    Signs of low serotonin can be: anxiousness, depressed mood, sweet and starchy food cravings or increased appetite, low libido, irritability, compulsiveness and trouble sleeping.

  • Endorphins- we know this is released when we exercise and is known as the ‘feel-good hormone.’ It does not reduce pain, but it reduces your perception of pain!

    Signs that your body may not be producing enough endorphins can be anxiety, aches and pains, impulsive behavior, depression, moodiness and trouble sleeping.

So imagine what happens when these hormones aren’t regulated in your body:

  • Stress

  • Overwhelm

  • Not sleeping

  • Anxiety

  • Weight gain

  • Chronic pain

  • Brain Fog

  • Lack of Energy or motivation

  • Inability to focus

  • Depression

No only do hormones help regulate these things in our body, they also can be affected BY those things. It can feel like a vicious cycle. What comes first? Low happy hormone levels or stress/anxiety/weight gain, etc?

So how does this impact your ability to lose weight?

When you read the symptoms above I’m sure you’ve already drawn some parallels between weight and hormones. Serotonin alone can have an impact on cravings. Then we talk about anxiety and depression, lack of motivation, not sleeping well- all of those things can impact your weight loss goals!

Knowing this I’d ask yourself to do a self inventory. Do you feel that any of these symptoms affect you more than maybe you had realized? I know as a busy momma myself it can be hard to know if I’m just tried because of life or because of something happening in my body. Take inventory.

If you do feel like you need a boost in these I found a supplement that naturally helps your body boost all 4 happy hormones. It was recommended by a colleague and I’ll share my story below.

My story

I used to believe that if you just followed a diet and exercise plan, it would work. And it can. Even some of my favorite Instagram coaches teach this. I’ve never believed in a one size fits all diet plan, but I knew you could get results if you figured out what works for you and were consistent.

But what happens when following a plan isn’t enough?

If you are new to my blog, I am a Weight Loss Accountability coach. With a spin that I am a Life Coach doing this, so we get to the real stuff underneath the weight, habits, etc. so we can make lasting change.

So imagine how it was for me when I spent over 18 months in a plateau 15 pounds over my ‘happy weight.’ I followed different plans knowing that maybe I needed to change things up, believing that eventually, something would work. And NOTHING happened. The scale kept slowly creeping up higher, and I was beyond frustrated.

Last July, a colleague reached out to me about a product that was helping her clients with anxiety, focus, depression, chronic pain, and more. She knows that I primarily work helping people to lose weight, and that was also a massive side effect for those using this supplement. She thought it could be a benefit to my clients like it had been to hers.

I shared with her my own struggle over the last 18 months and I tried it for myself.

And I lost 4.6 pounds in a week doing nothing different but adding in this supplement to help boost my happy hormones. Day 8 I felt the energy that everyone talks about getting with it. And in one month I lost 8.1 pounds. Through a three week vacation that included a cruise and all it’s delicious food.

So how and why was this supplement working?

It naturally helps your body boost your happy hormones. All 4 that I mentioned above.

And the effects were immediate month 1 for me. My cravings- gone. Energy- increased. Inflammation- so much lower. And the benefits haven’t stopped.

Friends- I was intrigued and tried this because I was at a place with my weight that I had tried everything and was so frustrated that nothing was working.

And I lost the weight like 100’s of other testimonials I read did too.

But even more significant than weight loss was reading stories of other men and women finding happiness again. Testimonies of how it was helping relieve anxiety, depression, ADHD, women with PCOS losing weight, weight loss for others, chronic pain lessening and more. SO, so, so many testimonies.

Happy hormones are a thing.

If any of these symptoms, my story, or what you read above resonate with you I’d love to tell you more about this supplement that helped me and is now helping many of my clients. There is NO shame or embarrassment in our struggles. If nothing else I felt like I wasn’t crazy that I was doing everything I knew to do but not getting results.

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