A Little Heart To Heart About Weight Loss...

Hey momma- I see you struggling to lose weight. You are not alone. I work with women everyday who share your struggle.

Listen, losing weight is hard. It’s frustrating. It’s emotional. It can make even the strongest of women wonder what in the heck is wrong with them.

And anyone who tells you differently doesn’t know your reality.

But I do.

And the hundreds of moms I have worked with over the years know it too.

So when you see all the success stories out there, know that they can be yours too.

But it likely won’t be ‘easy’.

Quick fixes sell. Cleanses sell. 30 Day meal plans sell.

They have their place, but if you want long term results here are a few things for you to know:

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You will want to quit.

The initial adrenaline rush of a new plan will die out fast.

You will have to change the ways you cope with your emotions/stress.

You will have to put limits on yourself.

You will find reasons to quit.

All of those aren’t controlled by will power, but from your mind.

If you can push through those things, you can get results. And you will be a different person from when you started. If you want to stay the same person, this may not be the time or journey for you at the moment. Own that, make it your choice and be okay with it. Instead of saying I need to lose weight when you don’t really want to right now- say I’m working on ____ right now, and THEN I will work on losing weight.

So Don’t Quit!

I’ve had the moments where I say I’ve tried EVERYTHING and nothing works. Truth is, I tried a lot of things for a little while. As soon as I didn’t get the results in the way and in the timeline I expected I moved onto the next thing that could work. Get accountability to stick to your goals.

The other question I beg you to ask your self is this…

If I did lose the weight, what would STILL be missing from my life?

It’s easy to make losing weight the scape goat for our unhappiness, our lack of self confidence, the fact that you may not have the relationship you desire, etc…

And while there can be pieces that overlap, I want you to really think about it.

What would still be missing even if you hit your goal weight?

Because losing the weight doesn’t magically change your day to day life. Kids are still just as crazy. You may still hate your job. You may still be in a bad relationship.

You can also lose the weight and still be miserable. I’ve seen it.

This is why I work with my clients as a Life Coach offering Weight Loss Accountability- weight loss is an invitation to learning and growing as a woman. You may even realize you don’t have as much to lose as you think, or you may realize that you have a bigger goal than you’ve allowed yourself to dream of. It’s not a one size fit’s all program.

Because you, beautiful momma, are not one size fits all.

Sending love to you busy momma. I know these things because this has been my struggle and I’ve had to work through it and continue to work through it. It’s not easy to lose weight but it can be done. It can get to the point where you have freedom from food. From the scale. And from the negative self talk that berates you daily.

If you know you need weight loss accountability then message me today. If you’ve been trying on your own with no success, it’s time to eat some humble pie and get some help if you really do want to change.

Tell me about yourself here. Let’s get to the root of what is keeping you from reaching your goals and LOVING this beautiful life you have. Not only will you lose weight, you will find yourself in the process.