5 Benefits of An Online Weight Loss Accountability Coach

Weight Loss Accountability Coaching!

Hey! So chances are if you are reading this post you are considering working with an online weight loss accountability coach, or a coach in some aspect of your life. Just as you would imagine hiring a coach would help an athlete, hiring a coach can help you achieve your goals.

Before we go into the benefits of working with an online weight loss coach, what even is an online weight loss coach? Or an accountability coach?

What a coaches offer will vary and this is why I recommend talking with them before you sign up to work with them. Some coaches offer everything from daily meal plans, workout plans, and weekly live coaching to someone running Facebook groups using a set program like Beachbody, to lots of other options in between! Challenge groups, detoxes, and more, there are many things offered online.

What I offer is slightly different in that I don’t write up workout or meal plans for my clients. I simply offer accountability to what they already know they should or want to be doing. I want lasting change and if I can teach you how to set goals, follow through, and really understand how to manage your thinking for success, it will carry over into every area of your life. Basically, I want to see you finally get this area of your life under control so you can spend your precious time and energy on the other things that really matter most to you!

So what are the benefits of working with an online weight loss accountability coach?

  1. Accountability. Okay, not I’m not being a smart a$$. But really, I believe that ALL of my clients already know things they can be doing to reach their goals. But they just aren’t doing it, and for many people being accountable to someone helps them stick to it. Based on the goals we have set, my clients check in with me daily. This can include step count, food logs, workout journals, copies of daily affirmations, etc…It depends on what serves that person best.

  2. Break through the self-sabotage and limiting beliefs. It would be great if accountability alone was enough to see results- and for some people it is. Whether it’s not wanting to let the person down or knowing you’ve paid money so you better show up, it can work. But what happens when even that isn’t enough? You need a coach to help you work through the deeper questions of WHY you are not reaching your goal. Why despite all your efforts do you still struggle in this area? What is the truth behind the weight that will set you free in SO many areas of your life? These are the questions that really create true transformation.

  3. You can connect despite your location. Working with an online weight loss accountability coach allows you to work with someone you connect with, despite your location. Depending on how your coach works, you will connect via phone calls, Zoom, Voxer, Facebook groups, or other some other way. For example, clients in my 6 week program connect weekly with a 30 minute coaching call and then daily check in via Voxer.

    (Note: If you know for 100% certainty that you want to meet in person with your coach you can see if they have that option available, and if they don’t maybe an online coach is not the best fit for you and you should reach out to someone locally.)

  4. Save time! As a busy mom I know how it can feel to add ‘one more thing’ to my schedule. The benefit of working with a coach online is that while you will have a set time for your coaching session, the daily accountability portion you have set up can be done when it works for you. I do have several clients who just want accountability and so while we check in daily, there is no set time they have to commit to showing up to a coaching call. (Though I always recommend accountability with 1:1 coaching for the best long term success.)

  5. Results, Motivation, and Support! Ultimately, all of the benefit of working with an online coach are worthless unless you are actually getting the results you want, right?! Ask your coach about the results other clients have had.

    The motivation that comes from finally making progress on your goals will begin to spill over into all areas of your life! This is what I love most that I see happen for my clients. Your coach can support you to not only reach your weight loss goal, but also support you in goals you have for other areas of your life.

If you know that with some accountability and support that you could finally reach your goals, then reach out to me. Having struggled with my weight most of my life, I totally understand where you are at. I know how frustrating and discouraging it is to feel out of control when it comes to your weight and/or food. And I also know that coaching and accountability work, I’ve seen it work with 100’s of women I have worked with. My coaching is not for you if you are struggling with an eating disorder, please seek professional counseling to help as that is outside my training. You are so loved.

One thing to remember in working with a coach in any area of your life, is that they don’t have any super power to make you do anything. So while your coach can offer tools to help you, you have to be ready to show up and engage the process. Otherwise you are wasting your time and money and no one needs to do that. The last thing you want or need is one more thing to feel guilty about!

When you are ready to show up for yourself, please reach out to someone who can help!