3 Steps To Get Through The Holiday Season Without Going CRAZY!

Hey beautiful momma!

Fall is here and with that comes the beautiful parities, meals, events, busyness, craziness, family drama, and more!

HAHA! Okay. The fall and the Holidays are beautiful, AND they can also come with some ‘crazy’ if we aren’t aware and prepared!

So I made a quick video to help coach you through some of the ways to navigate it all!

Hit play and watch it!

A quick recap?!

3 steps to enjoy the holidays.png
  1. What do you want for the Holiday season? Do you want to be busy or chill? Simple or extravagant? Fun or relaxed? See what I’m asking? If you don’t know what you want, you will end up with what comes at you.

    What feel do you want your fall to have? Because your schedule will play a massive role in this.

    Take a few minutes like I asked in the video and write down your thoughts and desires for the fall. Specifically, you can look at the areas of family, personal health, and Holiday memories if prompts help you get started!

  2. What do you need to be aware of that will keep you from achieving the fall/Holiday season you desire?

    - Work schedule
    - In-laws/family dynamics
    - Weather (When it comes to exercise goals and also hormones dipping.)
    - Parties
    -Holiday Meals (Skip the foods you can eat whenever and enjoy, without guilt, the unique dishes that only grandma can make. One high-calorie day will NOT ruin your weight loss plan!)

    If every year, the same things seem to trip you up, make a plan to handle it ahead of time.

    In the video, I mentioned that you will disappoint people! And that’s okay. Far too often, we tend to choose to disappoint ourselves rather than upset someone else. So this year I propose you make sure you have some boundaries set so you can do more taking care of yourself than just making sure everyone else around you is happy.

  3. Commit to be kind to yourself and keep yourself a priority! Listen momma! Often when life gets busy we as moms can let the demands of our family take priority over our own needs.

    You need to take care of you so that you can say healthy (mentally and physically) to actually be the mom/woman you want to be.

    For fun I mentioned a few ideas you can implement: Hire a housekeeper for the fall or before a big party where you want the house looking good. Do a book exchange instead of a cookie exchange. Take a girls trip! While that one may seem crazy, I think one of the best things to do during this time is schedule time with people you love the most!

    You’ve got this momma!