21 Ways To Make Money As A Stay At Home Mom

21 Ways To Make Money As a Stay At Home Mom!

You want to stay home with your kids, and you also want to be able to help make money. Here are a few ideas, some I have used and some my friends do.

  1. Babysit other kids. Yes, your house may already be crazy but as your kids get older you may find that having a friend over for your child to play with can be an easy way to make a little extra cash while also giving him/her someone to play with. (If you don’t see charging your friends, this is also great for trade so you can a different kind of job. Set up a schedule to swap kids so you get ‘free’ childcare a few hours a week to work.)

  2. Offer to drive/pick-up kids to/from school. Yes, you may already be driving your kid to school so it can feel weird to charge a friend, but you may find out that they would totally be willing to pay you to take/pick up their child from school. Remember, some people don’t want to feel like they ‘owe’ you. I’d often rather just pay someone than feel like I need to reciprocate in the same way they served me.

  3. Clean houses. Most my friends that clean houses make about $25/hr and have a min of 2 hour jobs. That’s $50 for 2 hours and even if you had to pay a babysitter for those 2 hours that’s $20-30 profit. (Ideally, you could figure out how to clean while the kids are in school if your kids are older to make the most out of it. For me, when my kids were babies it wasn’t worth it to have someone else be with them unless it was my husband unless I was coaching which brought in more $$$ per hour.)

  4. Budget! Yes. For some of you this is irrelevant. But for others, if you aren’t following a budget you need to. I like You Need a Budget, or YNAB, but find something that works for your family. There have been seasons when I’m super frugal with food spending which seems to be our #1 crazy area, and other seasons when I’m not as tight. When I wasn’t able to work as much, I would remind myself that if I had a part-time job paying $13-15, and I was able to save even $50 off our grocery budget that week it was the equivalent of me working 3 hours or more but I wouldn’t have had that time with my kids. We think budgeting is restriction but really it brings freedom. (Just like I tell my clients when it comes to logging food!)

  5. Prep food for a fee! How many busy working moms do you know who would love to have help with meal prep? If you do batch cooking, prepping, offer it to a few friends for a fee plus the cost of food. (Be careful with the legality of food handling but if it’s just for a few friends and brings in some side cash just see how it goes.) Or a friend of my has sold eggs (chicken) and bread to other moms at school.

  6. Discuss with your spouse if they can ask for a raise. It never hurts to ask!

  7. Join an MLM. I have so many years of being in and out of MLM companies. And they do work, but NOT for everyone. With Beachbody I was making about $1500-$1800 a month just working from home online when I was a diamond coach with them. Do your research.

  8. Sell on Etsy! There are SOOO many things you can sell! Printables, jewelry, t-shits, and more. If there is something you are good at see if it could become a side income!

  9. Become a coach. If you have a skill or expertise, learn how to market and package that in a way to help others.

  10. Start a blog. Just like you are reading here, there are many ways to optimize income through blogging. Affiliate ads, paid sponsorships, If you are looking for a place to start in starting a blog here are a few resources. (I really like Suzi’s teachings but I chose to use Squarespace for many reasons and her training uses Wordpress which I used for about 10 years.) There will be a small start up cost but if you treat it like a business it will pay off.

  11. Become a bookkeeper. In our town you can get trained in quickbooks fairly easily and it’s something you could use to partner with small businesses that would most likely allow you to stay in control of your schedule or when you work as long as you get it done.

  12. Paid surveys. I hear there are such things, but I’m not experienced in it. I’m sure if you google it someone has figured out how to utilize them.

  13. Summer camps! There is a mom that does a ‘tinkering’ camp in the summer and her kids are a part of it, she charged $125 (I think) for 9 hours of camp. My husband (because he can flex his schedule as a Pastor) and I also ran our first boys camp last summer. It was a great way to partner with other dads in the community, let our boys be involved, and make some side cash. (Check legal info for your area.)

  14. Tutor. One of my friends has both her kids in school and she is a part time teacher and also tutors kids on the side. You could totally do this, and if the kids are in the same grade as your kids you can have them work together which helps your kid and their kids get work done. You can also check with the local school district for opportunities.

  15. Coupons! So you may not ‘make’ money with this one but the way I see it is that every time you ‘save’ money you are making it. When I got a side job for a few months (it wasn’t good timing or pay though it was an awesome little shop) I was being paid $13/hr. At that point every $5 off Target coupon, or ‘buy one get one’ deal really added up in my mind. This led back to point number 4.

  16. Social Media Manager, or Virtual Assistant. Are you good with graphics, social media, keeping people organized? Look for jobs that are virtual and don’t have set hours so you can be with your kids and still make some money.

  17. Shop for people. Often it’s for elderly people, check if there is a service in your area that provides this.

  18. Animal walking and/or sitting. So many people need someone to watch and care for their animals when they go out of town. If this is your thing, use it to make money on the side.

  19. Freelance! There are so many people looking to hire freelance workers. Whether it’s for social media images/management, writing copy, editing e-books and a ton of other needs out there. Can you build websites, offer photography for events/weddings, or something else you may even do for fun that others would pay to have help with? Go onto a site like Upwork to get ideas of what people are doing.

  20. Catering! If you love to cook but don’t even want to fully run a catering business, let your friends know that you are available for small events and parties. I know in working with a church that there are some events we would love to hire someone to handle all the food and would be glad to pay someone in the community for that help.

  21. Coach a sport/music lessons. This is one that make not make sense if you have littles at home, but if your kids are in school you may look into coaching a sport. Not all of them pay but usually in high school they will pay something to a coach. My husband did this as a JV Soccer coach one year, when we did the math the pay per hour was not really something that was worth it to do again until our boys are there and he can be coaching them. (He wasn’t doing it fully for the money, but looking back after the season we realized that it was too much of a time commitment for the pay considering it wasn’t for one of our boys.) If you have a specialty skill you can offer private lessons. We’ve paid high school kids to hit (tennis) with our son before. And if you play an instrument let others know you can teach their kids. We paid a friend from church $30/hr to give my older 2 boys each a 30 minute lesson. (This was cheap for private lessons, see what you can charge for your area…)

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head, so I know there are more out there. This is where I find it helpful to really figure out what season of life you are in and what works for YOU and your family. Sometimes I needed the budget to be tight so I could just ‘be’ 100% on with the kids. And then there were times, like I’m entering into now that I actually have a few hours a week where all 3 boys are in school so I can begin expecting more from myself in terms of family contribution financially.

I’ve found that for some moms what they think they ‘need’ and what they actually ‘need’ as a family are quite different. Keep open communication and dialogue with your spouse about the finances. Are you stressing out for no reason or should you be a little more stressed out? Your situation is unique to you so take time to process before you just jump into something. (For example, if you will need to hire help to watch the kids, how much are you actually making at the end of it? Is that worth it to you or should you wait another year?)

A little insight into my life, when my youngest started preschool a few hours a week we literally had NO savings. But for me, to have been the primary caregiver for all 3 of my boys was well worth giving up the financial security of a large savings account for. That’s an example of making choices according to YOUR values as a momma. The idea of that may sound crazy irresponsible or scary to you, and that’s where you get to choose how your life as a momma works! What I promote is moms finding what works for THEM and their family. No comparison or judgement here!

How are you adding to your family income? Add ideas in the comments below.